From time to time a word from someone about our church:


Arielle and Alec recently moved to Florida; Arielle wrote this letter just before she moved.


My Dearest Friends,


I'm so sorry I haven't made it to church; this crazy thing called life gets in the way. I may never see some of you again, but you will all be in my heart forever. The thing about this little church is... It may be small but the love you find inside is huge. When you have visited emotional hell like I have, it's so nice to have a place so full of light, love and hope. You guys are my family, you are my home.


We may not have a lot of pews or a big chior, but we have a lot of faith. You are all so beautiful. I have learned that church is about the congregation: church is about singing hymns together that make you cry because it touches your soul. Church is about walking in maybe feeling down, but walking out feeling the best version of yourself.


The feeling I have standing in the front row of our little church with the self-made choir, the wonderful organ player that may miss a few notes here and there and the timeless, old cracked walls around us is not perfect; because it's not supposed to be perfect. It's humble. That's what church is supposed to be. That's how church is supposed to make you feel.


As Roland loves to say "Let your light shine." Please keep your light shinning because if I'm ever lost I will know which way home is. I love you all so dearly and I will miss you terribly. Keep on keeping on!


Love, Arielle 

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